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500ml Ice-cream cups


Many know this size as the “Ben & Jerry” ice cream cup, but the half liter ice cream cup, also called ice cream pint or pint, has been a standard measure in both America and Europe for more than 15 years. In the retail sector, this ice cream cup has gained popularity very rapidly over the last 5 years. And that’s not surprising. The traditional 1 liter container is on its way back. With a smaller family composition, the demand for smaller ice packs is also changing. The 500ml ice cream cups are a wonderful size in which we can support you with experience. In addition, our recyclable cardboard ice cups replace traditional plastic.


If you are a retailer, active in retail or as a private label customer looking for an ice cream producer to have ice cream cups filled. We can guide you step by step in this process. As an ice cream producer, we specialize in many forms of ice cream preparation, but always according to our core values: honest, traditional ice cream with a low air intake. So premium ice cream. Where can we use local ingredients and real whole milk. Read more about our sustainability here.

Product range

Of course you can contact us for all milk and ice cream variants of our farm milk. But we are experts in niche markets, such as:
Vegan Ice Cream
Fair trade ice cream
Organic ice cream
High Protein Ice Cream
Low calorie ice cream


We start by choosing your exact cup. Is this a 500ml or 550ml. You choose the paper type for the ice cups:
Do you want matte or glossy;
With spot varnish or without;
A cardboard lid on the ice cups or plastic;
With a spoon in the lid or not.
We completely personalize your private label or ice cream concept.

the perfect ice cream

To fill your ice cream pints or large ice-cream cups, we choose the right types of ice of your preference.
Do you want to use our knowledge or do you have your own recipes?
Do you want to garnish the ice cream on top?
Would you like to have a ripple or sauce mixed with your ice, such as a swirl?
These are all choices that we go through together for your 500 ml private label ice cream cups in our ice cream factory.


In addition, we speak about the packaging at your private label 500ml ice-cream production. Per how many do your CE go in an outer carton or HE package? What do we do with the labels, printed boxes or not?


For retail, collaboration also means actually working together. Together we can make it a success. Want to know more about how we do that? Contact us and we will be happy to talk to you further.

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