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Ice-cream Brands

Ice-cream brands

Have your ice cream brand developed with us? We are very strong at that. De Jong’s IJs itself does not have any ice cream brands but produces and develops exclusively ice-cream cups and pints for ice cream brands.

Exclusivity & Confidentiality

Our ice cream factory exists because of the countless ice cream brands that you come across in many thousands of supermarkets every day. That is why recipes are exclusive and unique to each customer. Only by being unique in each ice cream product can we strengthen each other. We also like to record this in a confidentiality agreement. Because of these agreements, you cannot read on this site about the many ice cream brands that are made with us and find their way to all of Europe and sometimes further.


Together with you, we look at what options there are for your ice cream brand. If everything still needs to be developed, we can do it for you with our team. Do you want to adjust or improve the recipe? Develop a new ice cream? We love innovation, so we are happy to take on any challenge.
And that in the most sustainable ice cream factory in the Netherlands.

Open prices

We like transparency in everything we do. Only by working in this way can we start a discussion with you about the ideal price of the ice creams. We show you everything. When you have your recipe, we will compare our purchase prices of the raw materials. This is how we arrive at the so-called kilo price mix. In addition, we show every step what everything costs us, making the mix, making ice cream, filling, packing and of course what we need as a margin. With this total price you arrive at our offer.

Existing or new ice cream brand

Whether you have an existing ice cream brand or ice cream brands, or whether you want to start an ice cream brand, we are happy to help. Want to know more about how to start an ice cream brand? Or what is involved? Contact us to discuss all the options we can offer.

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