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Ice cream Jars & Buckets

Do you really want to stand out with your ice cream? Then consider an ice cream jar. Through the transparent jar you can see the ice cream all around. It certainly looks incredibly beautiful in combination with pieces of cake, nuts or chocolate. Or, for example, by adding a real swirl (sauce) in a contrasting color. The Ice-cream jar is on the rise in the United States and we also expect it to become a fixture in the supermarket freezer in Europe.

Many versions

Many versions are possible in the ice-cream jar. With plastic lid in a specific color. Or the trendy aluminum screw cap. Choose your own lid from one of our ice cream jar suppliers. You can opt for an in-mould printing from 50,000 pieces per design. Do you want smaller numbers? Then we can provide the lid with a label (sticker). For example, we can already make prints from 2000 cups per flavor.


The ice-cream jar is available in many variants. We can produce them as 300ml, 400ml and 500ml. With a diameter of 89mm they fit on our filling lines. The weight varies per recipe and the wishes of our customer. The 500ml ice-cream jar can also be filled as 450ml to leave space on top for decoration. With us you can produce from 2000 pots per flavour.

Make the most beautiful ice cream

Normally we are talking about the best ice cream we can make for you. But with this amazing ice cream cup, it’s also about how beautiful your ice cream looks in the display case in the supermarket. That’s why we like to work with a thick swirl through the ice. A tasty sauce with a contrasting color (or taste) to make your ice cream that little bit more special. We can also add inclusions for you. In other words, pieces in your ice cream. Such as cookie dough, nuts or pieces of chocolate. If you can imagine it, we can make it. Our R&D department is happy to think along with you.


Fair is fair. Compared to the 500ml ice cream cup, the 500ml ice cream is higher in price. The cup and (screw) lid are almost twice as expensive as a paper cup and it takes a little more work to fill and close them. But it looks very luxurious in a freezer with a glass door, which makes the product stand out even more.

Ice-cream buckets

In addition to the ice-cream jar, we also make ice cream in buckets. From 500ml and 900ml. Again a varied packaging to stand out on the shelf. We also make ice cream in buckets from 2000 pieces per flavor and we can provide it with custom-made labels. The ice-cream Bucket is made of freezer-resistant plastic.

Do you want to know more about the ice cream jars? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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