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Private label ice-cream

Private Label Ice-cream production

We are proud to have several large retail and supermarket chains for who we produce ice-cream brands. A recognition of our more than 70 years of experience in ice-cream production with 3 generations. We are strong in our Research and development department and can switch very quickly to invent new ice-cream  flavors and new concepts and launch them with our partners. Such as retailers, store chains and brand owners.

Together on the shelf

Together with you we determine the strategy, the market positioning of your ice-cream brand. If you know which customers you want to reach, we will be happy to help you find and develop the right flavors here. We look to the right partners in the field of packaging and ensure the perfect declaration according to European regulations.

Own recipes

Of course you can have your own recipes made by us, see also our range where our expertise lies. But we also gladly help you to (continue) develop your recipes. Our ice cream developers have many years of expertise in dairy and ice-cream and are able to get your ice-cream to perfection.


When your ice-cream is ready, we can fill cups, tubs and pints. With our fully automatic rotary filler we can fill in many different sizes. Like an ice cream pint, the famous 500ml cup or half a liter cup of ice cream. Or in the small ice cream cups to take away. These cups are usually 120ml or 125ml. But we are also good at larger packaging such as liter beakers or ice cream trays. Or through to the catering and ice cream parlor ice format of 2.5 liters, 5 liters or large 7 liter containers. Take a look at our assortment to view all waste options.

Switch quickly

When we have the packaging ready we can switch quickly. We produce fresh ice-cream 7 days a week and can switch in flavors and packaging  within a week. We ensure that we pack all of the ice cream in the correct packaging on your request.

Permanently innovative

Where we distinguish ourselves from colleagues is our enormous drive to continuously develop new products and packaging. Not only follow the ice cream market, but also to be able to work trend setting. For example, we can introduce specials several times a year. Small runs but innovative on the shelf. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities. Or read our blog about the trends for this year.

We are happy to help you make the perfect ice cream brand for your customers. Come and have some ice cream with us and look at all the possibilities that the ice cream developers of De Jong’s IJs can offer.

We can give precise advise in countries allover Europe. Such as Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom.
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