130ml or 500ml

Retail Ice-cream

The most innovative Ice-cream company

Quickly renew on the shelf? Fast changing flavors and small batches or runs? Organic, Fair Trade or with less sugar? Our ice cream makers are crazy about new developments. Ice cream in hip alcohol flavours? Many real yogurt variations or 10 different chocolate variations. Together with you we prepare a concept for the shelf in a very short time. Our Retail ice-cream / Co packing capabilities match your demand for shelf innovation.

Luxury ice cream for Retail

Hand-made scoop ice cream such as in the ice cream parlor, but then for retail ice-cream. That is what we do. Ice-cream made by real ice-cream makers.  With only real premium raw and fresh ingredients. As much as possible local. Like our real meadow milk (900 meters from the ice-cream factory), Dutch cream, Dutch sugar. Strawberries from the north and so on.
Ice cream with little air. Because air tastes like nothing. You should continue to taste premium ice cream, bite after bite.

Most sustainable ice cream factory

You hear it. Our ice cream makers have been making ice cream for over 70 years according to the old family recipe with the core values ​​of the past and we are happy to make that for you.
Our ice cream factory is SKAL, COKZ, HACCP certified. And we are proud to be working as a private label partner for several large chains. We are happy to help you realize your retail ice-cream brand. And our ice cream is not only tasty but also very responsible. We do everything to be the most sustainable ice-cream factory maker in the north of Holland. Read more about this here.
Come and taste us.

Fill ( Co-packing )

We gladly fill our delicious ice cream for you in the most fun and common packaging. From 125ml cup, 500ml cup (the ice cream pint) or to larger sizes? We’re glad to help as your co-packer. We have a long history for co-packing your ice-cream products and pints. You can read more about it at our assortment.

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