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Most sustainable small ice-cream factory in the Netherlands.

For us, sustainability is not a buzzword but a structural part of our corporate DNA. We do not focus on the short term but think in generations. This also makes investing in sustainability possible at every step of our growth. Want to know how we achieve our sustainable ambitions? Then read on.


It starts with our delicious ice cream. How do we produce this as sustainably as possible? By starting at the source, involving as much milk and cream as possible. We purchase this responsibly from farmers who have pasture milk from cows in pasture. We are happy to pay something extra so that the farmer can invest in nature, roadside management, space for meadow birds, bees. And animal welfare. That is worth it to us. Knowing more? Read all about it at our partners. We do not use unnecessary colors, fragrances and flavors. In addition, we can also make ice cream from fully organic or Fair Trade ingredients.


Our employees make the difference. They stand daily at our ice cream carts, in the ice cream parlors, in the ice cream factory or on their way with ice-cream carts and food trucks. Awareness of our goals is a fantastic start to let them make a difference in all areas that we are working on. From paying attention that the lights are off to waste reduction and driving our cars. With every step we take we try to make a difference. Through training we facilitate our employees to contribute to our mission as the Netherlands Most sustainable ice-cream factory.

Lean and Green

Our working method is fully structured via the Lean and Green methodology. With every development in our company we test for measures that not only result in cost savings, but at the same time reduce environmental impact and lead to a more efficient organization of business logistics processes.


Our company has done accelerated work in the last two years replacing its fleet. In view of our enormous reach, electric transport is not feasible, but the first Green Gas delivery van is in order and we drive sustainable diesel engines with Blue diesel & Adblue. Thanks to larger combinations of trucks and trailers & more efficient delivery, our company has saved enormously in the number of journeys on an annual basis and thus on its Co2 Footprint.


Our production has grown enormously in the last 5 years. By opting for larger ice machines and freezer cells, we produce more effectively with less peak load on the machines and therefore reduced energy consumption. At the end of 2017, our pasteurization and homogenization line (for heating the milk and cream) was converted from gas to electricity. In addition, we use the residual heat from the heat exchangers to heat our central heating and through a closed ice-water installation we make all compressors superfluous for the cooling tanks.

ENERGY neutral

Our company, the factory building, production and frozen storage have been energy neutral since 2017. With more than 200 solar panels on its own roof, the entire building is supplied with enough electricity to run the entire production. Knowing more? Take a look at our roof with the video below.
In 2020, more than 250 solar panels will be added to meet future growth.


All our lighting was replaced by LED lighting in the period from 2015 to 2017. From 2018 the building will be heated by the residual heat from all equipment and no longer by a gas boiler.


As one of the 10 pioneers of Fossylfrij Fryslân, we are actively supported to work completely fossil-free. This is how we work on delicious products and leave no burden for future generations. Read more about the Freonen fan Fossylfrij Fryslân here and about Fossil-free SMEs.

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