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Our ice cream factory is good with producing and co-packing complex and sustainable ice-cream. With over 70 years (and 3 generations) of experience we’re up to any ice-cream factory challenge. We have more than 200 recipes that we make so we can probably also produce delicious ice cream for you. 2 flavors in a cup? With pieces of nuts and a string of caramel at the same time? We can. Read more about our taste directions below. For Vegan ice cream, Low calorie ice cream, Organic ice cream, Fair Trade ice cream and much more.

We’re glad to help out as a co-packer or co-packing ice cream factory with any challenge regarding filling tubs, pints, cups, bins and whatever you can think of to put ice-cream in. Just give us a call and we’d be glad to help your brand to the next step.

Fair trade ice-cream

Fairtrade helps farmers and workers in developing countries to gain a better place in the trade chain, so that they can live …

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Low calorie ice-cream

In the past year there has been a trend in the ice cream world, the supply of ice cream with a lower amount of calories, fats…

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Meadow milk ice-cream

More and more cows come and graze in the meadow fields instead of in the stable. And that’s the way we like it at De Jong’s…

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Organic Ice-cream

We make hand-made fresh organic ice cream in our own ice cream factory. Made with real whole organic milk fresh from the…

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Vegan ice-cream

Vegan ice cream is no longer just a trend. It has become a structural and important part of the supermarket shelf. Vegan ice …

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IJskar oranjewoud

High Protein ice-cream

De Jong’s Ice has a lot of experience in making High protein ice cream. (Or protein ice cream). In many cases, high protein i…

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