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125ml ice-cream cups

125ml ice-cream cup

As a true specialist in cardboard ice cream cups, the 125ML or 130ML cup cannot be missing from our range. Perfectly suited and widely used in retail, supermarkets, out of home and petrol. You will find these cups everywhere. Equipped with a small spoon in the lid, you will always enjoy this size. We can start a production for this starting from 5,000 pieces per year.


We start by choosing your exact cup. Is this a 100cc or 100ml ice cream cup or is it the 125cc or 125ml ice cream cup? Or the 150cc or 150ml cup. You choose the type of paper for the ice cups:

Do you want matte or glossy;
With spot varnish or without;
A cardboard lid on the ice cups or plastic;
With a spoon in the lid or not.
We completely personalize your private label or ice cream concept.


To fill your ice cream pints mini or small ice-cream cups, we choose the right types of ice of your preference.
Do you want to use our knowledge or do you have your own recipes?
Do you want to garnish the ice cream on top? Bits and pieces of dried fruit or cookies in it?
Would you like to have a ripple or sauce mixed with your ice, such as a swirl?
These are all choices that we go through together for your 125 ml private label ice cream cups in our ice cream factory.

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In addition, we speak about the packaging at your private label ice production. Per how many do your CE go in an outer carton or HE package? What do we do with the labels, printed boxes or not? We work for you as a co-packer.


For retail, collaboration also means actually working together. Together we can make it a success. Want to know more about how we do that? Contact us and we will be happy to talk to you regarding your wishes.

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