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Co-Packer Ice-cream

As a co-packer ice cream, we ensure that you can put all your energy into your ice cream brand. We focus on the production and distribution of your ice cream and ice cream brand while you can put all your attention in the marketing and sale of your ice cream.


Our company specializes in the product development of new ice cream exclusively for our customers. With us you know that it’s possible to have your own recipes made that we exclusively make for your ice cream brand. (as co-packer ice-cream ). If you have recipes yourself, we will ensure with confidentiality agreements (NDA) that your recipes are safe in our company. If we’re your co-packer for ice cream, you can continue to develop with us. We don’t just help you with recipes. We can make test runs for you. Samples of ice cream for your customers. In 130ml or 500ml ice cream cups. In addition, we can help you with your ingredient declaration and your nutritional values. Everything to get your ice cream cups ready for your retailer or supermarket chain. We can also check your packaging (artwork). And we help you with the choice of packaging supplier as co-packer ice cream.

Ice-cream Production

When we have finished your recipes, your packaging has arrived, we start production for you. We can already produce from 900 liters of ice-cream. (600kg ice cream mix). So these are only 1500 500ml cups. (known as Pint or Ben & Jerry ice cream cup).
We are fast and that is why we can process your orders quickly so that your brand can deliver to your customer as quickly as possible.
We can produce about 2000 liters of ice cream per hour and can also make your ice creams in 130ml cups or 500ml cups in the high season. Our production is IFS certified. We can therefore gladly produce the highest of professional competence, safety and hygiene for you. Do you want to know more about our ice cream factory? Have a look here!

Why use us as to Co-pack?

Why would you choose us to have your ice cream produced? Why is your private label brand best suited to us?
1) Well for example because we are the most sustainable ice cream maker, read more about it here.
2) Because we are very good at innovating, making new flavors but also ice cream with other techniques
3) Because we are experts in nice markets such as Vegan, Low calorie, High Protein or Organic.
4) Because with us you can produce 500ml cups from 1500 as a co-packer.
5) Because we can work quickly so that your customers quickly have the ice and you do not have to pre-finance months in advance.
6) Because we are really there for you, co-packer is not an afterthought but our specialty.

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