The summer update of 2021

Sustainable now tastes even better

The (sustainable) summer update of 2021

The predicted “Summer of love” was not forthcoming this summer due to all the Corona measures. But it was a special first half year for De Jong’s IJsfabriek. As we told you in our previous blogs, our team has experienced tremendous development by anticipating quickly as an ice-cream factory for sustainable ice cream concepts for supermarket chains and ice cream brands across Europe. This rapid growth is changing our company, our team and our location. All the more fun to take you along in all (sustainable) developments of the first half of 2021.

More growth = more energy consumption = more solar panels

Our goal? To be the most sustainable ice cream factory in Europe. We only achieve that to be and remain energy neutral. We installed more than 350 new solar panels next to our existing 200 to remain energy neutral in the future. Watch the placement with us below! We know the subtitles are still in Dutch but just imagine the lines here above. 😉

“Delivery” Tesla

Delivery on Blue diesel (HVO100) can provide up to 90% reduction* in greenhouse gas emissions. But with electric driving we can use electricity that we generate ourselves and that is why we are now testing our first Tesla and that leaves us wanting more. And it also looks insanely good.

New industrial hall

If you’ve been with us for the last year and a half, you know how ram-packed our factory was. Every day was a puzzle to match incoming and outgoing goods. With the departure of our tenant and fantastic neighbor NNI, more than 700m2 of space was added that we have used for the (re)construction into a warehouse for raw materials and packaging. We have built a complete packing hall so that we can process even more cups of ice cream. And with the third hall we are preparing for the construction of a cold store to keep the growth in ice cream production “cool”. Oh and of course more cool office space! See some photos below.

Climate neutral ice cream

But even more important than building and renovating: We are as of May. also climate neutral with our ice cream factory. Over the past 4 years we have been able to reduce our Co2 Footprint enormously. We compensate the last little bit that we emit with Co2 certificates from the incredibly beautiful project. “Currency for peat” Local farmers who drastically rewet their soil to keep Co2 in the ground. We’ve even devoted a separate page to it. so if you still have a moment, you want to know more about our enormous journey to climate neutrality and the social goals we are so eager to achieve.
P.S. Bioboer Sjoerd Miedema explains below what he is doing with his land for more biodiversity and meadow birds. We are happy that we can contribute a small part in this. Again here Dutch subtitles in the movie. Just believe us when we both say that we’re incredibly happy with our sustainable cooperation. 😉

Oh yeah, and our managing partner has left (But we’ve got another one)

Nice to end with, good cliffhanger too. Our director and owner Romke de Jong has been out for a while. Hopefully even 4 years. Sound crazy? Is it too. Romke was elected a member of the House of Representatives in the national elections last March. Romke had of course been active as a councilor for almost 8 years and the last 2 years as party leader in the Provincial Council, but now he has really left for The Hague. He would like to take the passion that Romke has for sustainable entrepreneurship with him to the House of Representatives to help make our business community more sustainable. In his next blog he will (temporarily) say goodbye and talk about this enormous change. But don’t worry, the rest of our entire team will stay. (and Romke occasionally comes by for an ice cream)
Former operational director Marjan de Jong succeeds him together with second-generation ice cream maker Eeuwe de Jong. Do you want to follow Romke as a politician? Click here for his twitter or here for his instagram.

Nederland, Den Haag, 20 april 2021 Romke de Jong, D66 kamerlid in de Tweede Kamer. foto: ANP / Hollandse hoogte / Peter Hilz

Hopefully we’ll see you again soon! Do you have any questions or comments? Feel free to call or email us.

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