New news for this year!

New Ice-cream in 2023

New ice cream products in 2023

Our most sustainable ice cream factory continued to grow this year with many new ice creams for many new countries. But in addition to our well-known pints and minis, our developers have also started some new products (and flavours). We are happy to share these with you.

900ml ice cream tubs

Although we praise our ice cream makers for being innovators on the shelf, with the ice-cream jars and the ice-cream box, among others, we have also started with the well-known and decades-old oval ice box or ice container due to popular demand. This remains incredibly popular in the retail landscape. The special thing about our oval 900ml ice tray is that we can make it in a small scale. From 4000 pieces per flavour. We label them with your own labels completely made up in the same small edition. From € 2.05 each. Because we couldn’t wait, here are some pictures of our own ice trays. Check out our page for more information or contact us.

6-8 person ice-cream cake

Secretly we had already made the first ice cream cakes this year, but they are incredibly popular and this Christmas they will be in many shops in several countries. That’s why they are too nice not to mention. We make these 6 to 8 person ice cream cakes in a beautiful packaging with a loose bottom. You push the bottom up. The edge and dome lid disappear and you have a beautiful ice cream cake on the table.
We also make these ice cream cakes in small quantities from 2000 pieces per flavour. We provide them with a beautiful sleeve of your brand with your brand sticker on top of the packaging. They are already available from € 3.50 each. Click here for more photos or information.

Larger assortment Vegan

We already dare to say that vegan ice cream is no longer a niche, but mainstream. More than half of our production is already plant-based. What we do see are trends to have more different basic ice creams. So not just based on coconut or soy. But also vegetable ice cream based on Rice, Oat / Oat, Cashew or Almond. We can make them all with a neutral taste and then make the most special combinations. Some new highlights:
Oat Vanilla Brownie Cookie Dough
Oat Chocolate Brownie Chocolate Chip
Peanut chocolate bar
Salted caramel walnut

More and more Organic

The share of organic is also growing on the retail shelves. The growth is certainly considerable in Germany and Scandinavia, but more organic ice creams are also available in the Netherlands. At De Jong’s Ice cream factory, more than half of all ice creams are already organic and it continues to grow. Not only organic ice cream, but also all our vegetable variants are available organically. A few of our top organic flavors of 2022:
Organic Cookie Dough chocolate chips
Organic Vanilla Caramel Walnut cream
Organic Chocolate cookie crumble

From energy neutral to CO2 negative

We have already told you about our most sustainable ice cream factory in the Netherlands in this post. We were and we want to stay that way. And due to the growth and higher energy consumption, hundreds of solar panels were added to our roof at the beginning of this year. Our heat recovery installation ensures that we can reuse both the cold and heat from our factory. For cooling water, process water, or heating our offices. In addition, the last piece of emissions has been compensated by the wonderful Valuta voor Veen project of Farmer mr Miedema. By raising the groundwater level, CO2 remains in the peat area. Read all about this unique project and our mission to become the most sustainable ice cream factory in Europe here. Now not just energy neutral. But also climate neutral or actually CO2 negative and (and that is positive). This way our ice cream tastes just that little bit better.

Talking is fun, tasting is more fun…

Of course we can write here for a long time about how delicious our ice creams are. Or how sustainable. It is even more fun (and tastier) to taste it. So feel free to make an appointment to taste how we can also put your brand on the ice shelf in 2023!

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