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Ice-cream trends 2022

The 6 ice cream trends in 2022

For almost 20 years, our ice cream specialists have been going to the seaside resort of Rimini in Italy every year. Ice makers from almost all countries of the world come together there for the largest ice cream exhibition in the world. The Sigep. 28 halls full, 1,250 exhibitors and almost 180,000 ice cream makers come together here. (although we don’t know if they are all there this year because of Corona) Enough to see. That is why we list the ice cream trends 2022 for you.

1. Sustainability is the standard.

As the most sustainable ice cream manufacturer, we already knew this 😉 , but it’s good to see that the trend is becoming so clearly visible in Europe. We see it reflected in a multitude of organic ingredients for organic ice creams. Ice cream carts with a roof of solar panels. Electric freezer trucks, paper spoons.

2. Pay? At the computer

Corona is turning the world upside down. Even when it comes to ice creams. We have ice cream carts with splash screens and pin, but in Italy you saw an incredible number of payment machines. You can enter your order. Deposit or pin, your coins or bills. In the Netherlands, the number of debit card payments is already incredibly high compared to the rest of Europe. But you see a very strong trend of no longer taking money from hand to hand.

3. Producing ice-cream and sell right away

We already wrote about it 2019. Making ice cream in miniature. Nice for the experience in an ice cream parlor or in places where there is little space. But now we see it a lot. Long lines with small ice cream machines for the ultimate fresh experience. We thought the disco lighting was very intense, but the idea is beautiful.

4. Pastry & ice cream sticks

Optimal use of (ice cream) display cabinets. Again, a lot of beautiful pastry for craftsmen who want to make sales all year round with their creativity. Not just ice cream bins in your display case, but supplemented with ice cream on a stick, ice cream sandwiches, or pastry. The raw material suppliers realize that the world is ready for more luxurious pastry and cakes and with a good display case you can really distinguish yourself here.

5. Ice cream is not for licking, but for eating.

Honor to who deserves it. Ben & Jerry’s has ensured that we no longer lick an ice cream but really eat. With thick swirls through the ice cream and of course lots of goodies. Such as pieces of chocolate cake or cookie dough. And it is precisely those inclusions (pieces in the ice-cream) that make an ice cream even more exciting. Many different types of cookie dough or cake for the ice cream at the fair. We got enough inspiration to develop new flavors.

6. It’s much harder being sad while eating a cookie.

Back then you still had a square press biscuit for your soft serve ice cream. Those days are terribly far behind us. The cookies for your ice cream are becoming more luxurious and luxurious. With speckles, chocolate, nuts and in many different shapes. Or your ice cream sundae, no longer in traditional glassware, but in a cookie tray. Or the photo on the right. Edible ice cream scoops. We thought this was an incredibly cool invention. You no longer have to throw away your wooden spoon. Now you eat the cookie right away!

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(Marjan de Jong is operational director of De Jong’s IJs, she has been part of our ice cream family for 17 years. In her blogs she will keep you informed of all developments at De Jong’s IJs)

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