Frozen Dutch Organic Vegan Ice-cream

The chocolate indians from Peru

Frozen Dutch Awajun Chocolate

Commissioned by the Amsterdam Ice Cream brand Frozen Dutch, De Jong’s ice cream has been able to make a sustainable vegan organic chocolate sorbet ice cream. What is unique is the chocolate that we use.

The cocoa of this bar is grown by the Awajun Indians. The Awajun are traditional hunters and gatherers and live in the jungle of the Amazon rainforest in the north-east of Peru. Cocoa originates from the rainforests of the Amazon. This Criollo cocoa comes directly from the birth ground of the cocoa.

Afbeelding: Holland & Barett

With the income from this organic cocoa, the Awajun Indians can earn a living and are not forced to earn money by selling or cutting wood for agriculture and animal husbandry. This bar contributes to the preservation of the tropical rainforest and the development of sustainable cultivation of cocoa.

The chocolate comes from the Dutch organic chocolate company Chocolate Makers, with a clear mission:
Build a fully sustainable alternative cocoa chain through direct collaboration with farmers (cooperatives), companies (retail) and consumers to show and experience that the cocoa chain contributes to better chocolate and a better world.

Chocolate makers buys high quality organic cocoa directly from the farmers in Congo, Peru and the Dominican Republic. They do this for a good & fair price. They burn themselves and take the time. Honest, tough, organic, Dutch and really tasty. (source:

Chocolate Makers (image: de Westkrant)

Sustainable ice-cream

And then everything comes together in Gorredijk. Our ice makers love organic concepts in our most sustainable ice cream factory. (Read more here.) The ice cream is creamy, completely vegan, organic and contains pieces of cocoa nibs and candied orange.
Available at the end of this year in organic specialty stores.
Frozen Dutch is now available at Udea and Marqt Supermarkten with a wide range.

Want to know more about these special chocolate makers? The Algemeen Dagblad wrote a nice piece about it, read it here.

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