Our journey together started almost 2 years ago. With a clear purpose. Improve quality and increase flexibility at Purefood. Now 2 years later we have created and launched beautiful new flavors. Consumer complaints have been reduced almost to zero. Together we have a tight delivery schedule and flexible workflow. And yet we see opportunities together. In optimisation, efficiency and our joint mission to make sustainable products accessible to a large audience.

raising the standard

Becoming B-Corp

With the B Corp quality mark we can prove to your customers that social and sustainable entrepreneurship is central to your company. B Corps make choices that benefit not only the shareholders, but everyone who comes into contact with your service or product (including the earth).

Action: It might be worthwhile to see whether we can place the logo on the packaging or make it clear that the chain has B-Corp certificates. The challenge however is transportation.

Leaving the earth a bit better

Becoming carbon neutral

De Jong’s IJs has drastically reduced its CO2 emissions in the last 4 years in its mission to be Europe’s most sustainable ice cream factory. In 2021 we succeeded in compensating the last 36 tons of emissions from our ice cream factory with local sustainable peat meadow Co2 projects and certificates.

It would be worthwhile to see if we can also support local projects together. It is important to be aware that it does not appear to be greenwashing to support projects on other continents.
Action: If we can make the chain neutral or negative together, this can become a joint USP.

United nations standard

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals started in 2015 and will run until 2030. They are a global compass for challenges such as poverty, education and the climate crisis. They are the successors to the Millennium Development Goals, which ran from 2000 to 2015.
Behind the seventeen goals are 169 targets. They make them even more specific.

Action: We can adopt 1 or more SDGs as joint companies in order to demonstrate to the public that the Purefood chain also plays a social role in these subjects.

making it sweeter


Farming is the single largest employer in the world, providing livelihoods for 40% of today’s global population. It is the largest source of income and jobs for poor rural households. Yet millions of those who live on smallholder farms are going hungry, not earning enough to properly feed either themselves or their families.Why is this? Many farmers do not receive a fair price for what they produce. Workers do not receive a fair wage and are denied labour, economic, social, civil and political rights such as freedom of association, a living wage, collective bargaining and health & safety standards.

Action: We can work together on not only Fairtrade cacao but also fair trade sugar or fruit so we can launch 2 to 3 products with fair trade logo.

Innovating transport

Solar powered Freezing transport

We understand that this is perhaps the biggest challenge to make our entire process Co2 neutral: Transport. It is driven on diesel. And despite the fact that engines are becoming cleaner, the compressor for the freezer trailer also works on diesel. Initiatives are slowly being taken to have the trailer (partly) run on solar energy.
Action: We could pioneer this together with a carrier.

De Jong's IJs


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