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Ice cream trends Anuga 2023

Every 2 years the largest food trade fair for Retail takes place in Cologne, Germany. Anuga !
With 284,000 square meters of exhibition space, almost 8,000 exhibitors and 169,000 visitors from almost 200 countries, this is THE place to showcase new trends and products. De Jong’s ice cream also operates in many countries, which is why we will of course be there again this edition. And there we would like to share the ice cream trends that stand out.

1. Ice cream with less fat or sugar

The health trend is also hitting the ice. Here at Anuga you will also find many types of ice cream with less sugar or less fat. With a little less sugar you can still get amazingly delicious ice cream. And you contribute to a better product and an improved nutrient score. We also have examples of ice creams with an A, B or C score on the nutriscore. What is also striking is that every niche is served. Such as ice cream that complies with a Paleo or Keto diet.

2. Ice-cream for dogs

Yes, you read that right. Ice cream for dogs. We were really amazed by it too. But the scoop of ice cream that was previously sometimes eaten by your dog has been given its own product category. And that’s actually a nice novelty. We are curious to see where we will encounter it this season.

3. Ice-cream in transparant jars with layers

We encountered this frequently at Anuga. Ice cream in transparent cups with different layers. With layers of sauce, crumble, cookie and ice cream in between. It looks beautiful on a supermarket freezer shelf. And you can combine flavors endlessly.

4. Mochi ice-cream

After the enormous market in Asia and America, western Europe is finally seeing more supply of Mochi ice cream products. Mochi is ice cream in a dough shell. An easy portion pack snack. And unlike 2 years ago, Mochi now has a significant presence at the Anuga.

5. Balls of ice cream

Back with a vengeance but now in a larger format. Ice cream in balls. Now in retail packaging. With a nice bite, this was also a striking newcomer for the ice cream shelf.

6. Ice cream sandwich

The tastiest cookie is a cookie with ice cream in between. The ice-cream sandwich should no longer be missing in retail. We see more and more of them passing by. Better packed in a flowrap or stand-up bag. A nice alternative to a hand ice cream.

7. Special flavors in the season

We are also seeing more and more surprising flavors for the season. Products that are used as an in-out product for, for example, Christmas or Easter. We also brought autumn ice creams such as Macaroons and Stroopwafel ice cream. But the best is our Christmas ice cream cookies. Filled Christmas cookies with marzipan and musket seeds and pieces of chocolate.

For over 80 years, our ice cream makers have become experts in making the tastiest ice cream. We will do this again in the most sustainable ice cream factory. We are happy to help you translate your ice cream wishes into concrete products on the shelf. Whether it concerns small or large ice cream cups, ice cream cakes, ice cream in transparent jars, ice cream cookies or specials. We make it for you. Feel free to drop by or send a message!
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